Amber is neither a crystal nor a mineral. It is the hardened sap of an ancient tree. It started out as resin secreted to heal a wound.

The organic resin protected the tree from a certain death by making a sticky, protective barrier against fungus. When the tree eventually fell and began to decay, the sap remained.

Buried under layers of vegetation, earth and, sometimes, water, the sap continued to harden from the pressure and heat that naturally builds up in such conditions. This fossilized tree resin is the final product of millions of years of slow processing.

Only the world’s finest Baltic Amber contains anywhere up to 8% of Succinic healing acid per weight a scientifically examined medical substance used in contemporary medicine playing a vital role in the citric acid cycle an energy-yielding process in every living organism on Earth.

This is what graces Baltic Amber with such incredible powers of healing, anti-inflammatory properties, immunity enhancement, stress, and pain relief.

Amber is used for centuries as a natural pain reliever in adults and children, particularly with teething. It can help to boost the immune system and increase energy levels, powerful inner body cleanser and healer.

Alleviates stress and anxiety aids the throat, sleeping disorders, thyroid problems, inflammation, stomach, spleen, kidneys, bladder, PMS physical and emotional symptoms, alleviates back and joint problems, fibromyalgia, chronic pains, arthritis, migraine, eczema, psoriasis strengthens the memory and intellect. Helps with emotional calming and centering.

Safety is our top priority when manufacturing amber child necklaces/bracelets/anklets. To enable us to offer you the highest safety for your child we only use the plastic POP OUT CLASP with a cotton thread which has been glued into the barrel of the clasp.

POP CLOSURE designed to split apart when under unusual tension (this will not occur with a traditional screw clasp) The cotton thread in each of our Baltic Amber child necklace is knotted by hand in between each and every bead, so should the necklace break (which it should if necessary), the rest of the beads will not scatter.

According to EU Toy & Safety regulations, EN-71-1 this is not a toy (not suitable for children under 36 months). To be worn under adult supervision at all times.

When natural Baltic Amber is constantly close to the skin, created warmth allows the skin to absorb micro-particles of Succinic Acid. The highest amounts of Succinic acid is found in the Amber cortex – the outer layer of the resin.


No, Amber child jewellery items are made to wear, not to chew!

To get the most from Amber it is recommended to wear it 24/7. Because kids are small and move around while sleeping, necklaces should be removed when a child is sleeping or unattended.

As a safe alternative, a child may wear a necklace double wrapped around a wrist or ankle to continue receiving the benefits of amber at night.